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Women'S Collection Jasmine

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A choice of beautiful gift sets, each with a selection of Le Joyau d’Olive luxury soaps. A perfect and original idea for every occasion, at every time of year. Or as a personal gift to yourself for those special times when you need to feel pampered and indulged.
The luxury and sensual pleasure of Le Joyau d'Olive soaps are the result of craftsmanship that is centuries old. Each of our soap bars are infused with the subtle fragrance of essential oils and waters from flowers that grow in sun-kissed Mediterranean soils and blossom in the clear mountain air of the Levant. Hand-picked and perfectly distilled to be kind to nature, and even kinder to your body.

- JASMINE ALLURE: Intensely exotic and divinely scented, bringing a mood of joy and harmony to the senses. Just a single gram of jasmine essential oil requires over 8,000 blossoms to create.
- ORANGE BLOSSOM: An enigmatic fragrance with a complex palette of notes that range from heady to innocent. Using essential oils distilled from sun kissed orange groves.
- ROSE BLUSH: A scent to soothe the mind and enhance the mood, from the petals of newly opened flowers picked at sunrise in early summer. And in every bar, a garden of roses.

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